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Monstercraft Postmortem Part 1: Overview

Monstercraft is an ultra-casual arcade strategy game available for Windows Phone 7 and iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).  You craft monsters using a skill based slot machine mechanic.  You control when the reels stop and start so it’s not a game based on luck, although luck can sure help.

The three rows represent the head/torso, arms and legs, which give each monster specific attributes.  If you get 3 of the same monster icons, you craft a complete monster and its stats get boosted by 2x.  They also flash in red color to let you know they’re ready to kick some ass.  As your monsters infiltrate their opponent’s lab, they cause damage to it, bringing your opponent closer to their doom.  Two players can even battle it out on the same screen.

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll go into the details of developing Monstercraft and talk about its bumpy history.  For now you can check out the videos explaining its game play and demoing it running on various devices.

Gameplay Demo:

Platform Demo:

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