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Zombie Outhouse Development Part 5

Zombie Outhouse Development Part 5: Creating the Zombie Outhouse Font

I wanted to have a unique font for Zombie Outhouse and after doing a little research, I decided to create my own.  Here’s how I did it…

Step 1. The Zombie Outhouse font needed to have a messy splatter look so the first thing I did was to create a few test brushes in Illustrator and quickly settled on one.  This is what it looks like:

Step 2. Then I started writing out the characters on the template I created according to the settings provided on the FontLab website.

Here are some of the characters:

Step 3. And here is the entire font inside FontLab’s TypeTool application:

It took around 2 hours to draw all the characters in Illustrator and another 2 hours to copy/paste them into TypeTool and do minor adjustments like the randomized offsets.

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